Wallpaper hall

Designer Wallpaper for Small Spaces

Decorating small spaces can be a challenge, especially since you don’t want to make the room appear smaller than it already is. Rooms covered in wallpaper has long been referred as “busy” but in reality, color and pattern give a small space life. Wallpaper can have a variety of effects on a space. Energizing. Modernizing. Calming.

Designer wallpaper is a great way to wake up a space through color and art without having to invest in expensive furniture. Whether covering an entire wall or framed in pieces, wallpaper is a way to infuse a room design with decorative beauty.

When selecting wallpaper for small spaces start by choosing your theme and visual story you want to create. It often helps to stick small snippets on the wall to get a first impression on how the color or the pattern of a wallpaper affects the overall atmosphere. Keep in mind, that both natural and artificial lighting play an extremely important role in defining space and selecting the optimum wallpaper.

In the examples that follow, we bring the outdoors in using wallpapers with blossom-filled trees, beautiful birds and tropical plants. The softness and creativity of nature creates another level of dimension by adding a sense of depth in a small space.