Exposing the uniqueness of things

I like the story. If you got a story about how something was made, and why it is special, it becomes so much more important to you.” – Bernie de Le Cuona

In order to adequately reward the beauty of a piece, the exhibition is of crucial importance. This customised vitrine was build to expose antique Kimonos – each of them unique with its own story. There is a Wedding Kimono, a daily Kimono and HOARIs with lacquered threads, weaved in as ornamented jacquards, embroidered and beautifully printed, with symbols according to the purposes.

I got the inspiration to build this showcase during a visit in V&A Museum in London at an exhibition in honour of Alexander MCQueen. His prototypes where displayed in fabulous wooden vitrines in enormes height.

This Art Deco Style vitrine was manufactured using high-quality materials as brass bronze, lacquered surfaces and Glas, white glass as it has been used in the 1920ies. It has an integrated light source that can be adjusted to place the artwork in the right light. All this to give emphasis to antiques Kimonos – to show their beauty and incredible workmanship most of them EDO Period.

All Kimonos are finest silk in various qualities. The pieces have been collected since 1990 and were already antiques at that time. Kimonos create a beautiful Wall decoration or a center piece behind a bed or any place you wish.
You can even wear them for adequate occasions like Dinner Parties or Gala evenings.