The Process of work.

CORNELIA LÖW INTERIORS opens up space for a spirited and individual expression in residing. The fusion of object consultation, interior design and accentuation of personal lifestyles creates rooms, which are more than just comfortable hideaways. Anything goes – if it‘s at pleasure.


The spaces to be formed are explored jointly in an inventory and center pieces as well as accessoires are listed. This is the footing for an authentic outline with various suggestions on styles, materials and samples. Every step of the way is synchronized with the client in detailed dialog.

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R E A L I S A T I O N and D E S I G N

When each set screw of the main concept is successfully tied up, CORNELIA LÖW INTERIORS launches a new style of living with excellent and independent design partners. Every client finds an innovative dimension of daily living in the creative arrangement of familiar and fresh pieces.

„Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or to believe to be beautiful.“

William Morris