Wooden Chair Ambiente

Make New From Old

It´s not always necessary to buy new furniture. Treasures in the parents garages, on flea markets or the in own basement offer a more favorable alternative, since such antiques often are made of high-quality materials, retaining their functionality for a long period. After restoration work as a new painting, a new fabric or a new color, they offer a pleasant contrast to real style furniture. To integrate the antique piece into the modern ambience, these Chipdental chairs have been rejuvenated
using a fresh color. Through the redesign, the antique, dynamic shapes and modern styles create a harmonious whole.

To apply a new primer (the red color), the existing varnish was removed first.

Wooden Chair Primer Coat

A soft green tone was chosen as a final varnish. Depending on the ambience of the chairs, the lacquer can be sanded on the edges to create a used look.

Last but not least, the upholstery is covered with car leather in ray optics and partly nailed to the edges with decorative nails.

Et voilà!

Wooden Chair New