Fabrique de Fourneaux Sursée

Saving forgotten treasures

“And perhaps, the true definition of luxury, is how it makes you feel. And that’s why fabrics are so exciting, because the tangible feel of something. It is absolutely there.” – Helen Brocklebank

A friend of mine has inherited this old house in Switzerland and invited me to explore the remaining treasures it had before being torn down.

I have often experienced that people do not recognize the value of ancient things. Either because these things have not been properly cared for or because people think that new things are better. But old, traditional building materials are often much more valuable and durable than materials used today. In addition, antique furniture is mostly still handmade and is therefore often a wonderful individual piece.

This also applies to this ancient tiled stove from the 19th century, which I was able to save from the demolition work and bring it to Hamburg. The stove was made by the French manufactory Fabrique de Fourneaux Sursée as can be seen on the stove door and is a showpiece of traditional craftsmanship. It was clear that this treasure had to be preserved – when and where it would be used again remains to be seen.