Step 3

Traditional Thai carving “Circle of Life”

Wood carving is an art form in Thailand with a long tradition that has been passed on from generation to generation. Influences and styles from different cultural circles merge into a masterpiece in Thai wood carving. Zodiac signs serve as a blueprint for this wooden work .

This particular Circle of life consists out of three parts. The carving is based on ancient methods and it represents the twelve zodiac signs, which play an important role in both eastern and western culture.
By processing with aluminum leaf, this specimen emphasizes the beauty of the ornaments. It is coated in seven layers, underlaid with an emerald color and then covered with aluminum leaf. A fine lacquer layer was then applied to this surface, which was then patinated.

This work of art spreads its unique atmosphere, when used above a head board or simply as a wall decoration. Always nice with uplights in order to enhance the decoration.