meditation pillow

Unique meditation cushion made of leather or linen

These high-quality, unique meditation cushions (Zafu) support your meditation practices and can as well be used as a pouf or a storage space for bags in the living area. The seating surface has a diameter of 28/29 cm and is suitable for different seating positions supporting an upright, correct sitting.

A comfortable posture is an essential prerequisite for meditating as it should be maintained for longer periods of time. In the European area sitting on the ground is, however, a major challenge for most people. Our body is used to sit on chairs or sofas. In addition to a relaxed, painless feeling, a straight spine is essential in meditation. To sum it up, the ideal posture for meditation has three essential characteristics: it’s stable, it’s straight and it’s comfortable. These requirements also apply to a good meditation pillow, demanding stable, high-quality upper material and an adaptable filling. Both the high-quality leather used in the processing of these unique cushions, as well as the natural-colored linen material fulfill this prerequisites.

Price Leather: 110€
Price Line: 85€