Window or showcase door? Both!

Old buildings often hold a special magic. Especially if they originate from a time when particular value was given to details – as in the case of this building from the Gründerzeit (“founders’ period”), which is located in the Geneva diplomatic quarter. The special qualities of this period are reflected in the various components of the building, for example in the details of the facade painting at the transition to the ridge, or in the workmanship of the windows. The reuse of such handicrafts contributes both to the cultural preservation of this period and to the reduction of the waste of resources. However, without a house around it, what would you need an old window for? For example as a showcase door!


This is exactly what happened to a two-winged window from the said Geneva house. After the window including frame and glass was removed from the old house and carefully transported to Hamburg, the restoration began by carefully removing all panes and cleaning the old kit. In order to restore the wood of the window frames to its original condition, they were brushed out and cleaned of dirt. Afterwards it was greased and the old varnish was stained to match the colour of one side of the door leaf. The last step was to paint the surface in matt.


The metal of the bar fitting was polished so the patina is still visible. The windows were then reinstalled and fixed from the inside with new frame woods.

This newly refurbished window element now serves as a showcase in my loft. The weather side of the old window is of course lighter and faded. This is now the side facing the inside of the showcase.